• Top Five Stops on a Cruise Down the Nile in Egypt

    Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

    Exploring Egypt is every traveler’s dream. You will have the fascinating experience of the journey if you take a cruise down the Nile. The exhilarating trip will fill you with thrilling sights of ancient and medieval history.

    Imagine the feeling you would have to relax on the deck of the cruise and witnessing a molten sunset. You will experience every granule of the Mediterranean magic. A Guided Cruise Down The Nile to Luxor is an enthralling experience that has no parallel. Along the way, you will witness a motley of colorful people far away in the banks, a minaret here and there, the gypsy country sands, etc.

    You might be pondering about the top five spots along your journey to the region in and around Luxor. Cruise Down The Nile To Luxor is a tour package that every top-rated service provider offers you. You can enquire about the details with the tour organizers on the phone or via e-mails. Have a look at the five interesting stops that will enchant you forever.

    The Karnak Temple 

    Karnak Temple

    It is a historical place that you must experience with full attention to its works of marvel. The region has a surrounding dense forest, unconventional of Egyptian terrains. You will find several carved pillars in the place with intricate designs. The obelisks and the walls have delicate patterns that will increase your curiosity. The mysterious environment of this ancient temple can send a chilling shiver down your spine. Archaeologists say that the temple is the largest of its kind in the region.

    The Luxor Temple 

    It is the primary attraction of your journey. The temple is the principal center of the Theban Triad – the three Egyptian Gods, namely, Amun-Re, Mut, and Khonsu. You will see stunning and enormous sculptures of the pharaoh Ramses II at the temple’s majestic entrance. The carving of various activities of ancient people will captivate your imagination. At some specific corners of the temple, you will see frescoes, the remnants of art from the Roman Imperial kingdom. The whole site is rich with religious symbols of several categories.

    The Valley of The Kings

    One of the most intriguing tourists’ spots in Egypt, The Valley of The Kings, will astonish you with its historical treasure and intricate details. You will get a chance to see the original tomb of Tutankhamen in this holy place. You will also see the grand chambers where the ancient Egyptians buried famous pharaohs like the Ramses IX and the Ramses II.

    The Temple of Edfu 

    The Temple of Edfu 

    It is a colossal temple dedicated to the mighty Falcon God, namely, Horus. You can freely explore the antechambers and imposing halls of the temple. The inner sanctuary has a polished granite shrine that once nestled the cult gold statue of Horus.

    Kom Ombo

    It is a double temple; half it is in the name of Horus; the other half is in the name of the crocodile god Sobek. The temple has identical double divisions to convey the message that people equally worshipped both the Gods.

    Don’t delay any further 

    Hence, don’t hesitate further and book your tickets for the cruise travel along the Nile to gather unforgettable images.